Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday March 19, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

I'm still having some recurring problems with the cold/allergies attack illness that I have had. Although I feel much better, I still have the really bad cough and headaches. I felt well enough this morning to go down for coffee again and stayed down there for the park breakfast. Diane had volunteered to make English muffins with fried eggs, ham and cheese sandwiches with fried potatoes. It turned out very well and everyone enjoyed the breakfast. The best thing was that Diane had correctly guessed how many sandwiches she would need and she had no leftovers.

Cameron and Zack went out this morning to make some money by washing trucks, cars and trailers. They need some lessons in setting their prices. They began by charging $5.00 to wash and dry trucks, but later told me they had washed one lady's trailer for $2.00 and her truck for $5. At the end of the day, they had made $83.00 together, so of course, they went shopping! Actually, Zack and his grandfather went shopping and they bought an air soft gun for Cameron. Now he's back to about $5 again. I think I'd have saved my money, but thats just me...

Tommy and Susan invited us down to their site for supper of hamburgers and sausage. We had a very nice time visiting with them and all enjoyed our food. When we got chilly outside, we went inside to watch a movie. I soon began to cough again and had to go back home to watch the end of the show. I hope I am over this illness, but it seems to be coming back. Time will tell.

So long.


Melissa said...

You let him have whatever he wants, lol! Boys and their guns... must run in the family! Between you, Josh and Cam, I am surrounded by boys who love guns :)

Ted and Donna said...

Do you need some of my Mexican drugs? Don't let an infection in your chest take hold for too long!