Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday October 19, 2011-Mission West RV Park

Today was a day of recovery for me. I stayed inside for most of the day and rested up. My mouth was sore this morning from all the work done but I took my medications and felt a little better. I went for a short walk around the park in the afternoon and sat outside with Tom and Judy in the later afternoon. We decided to go to Dairy Queen for supper, but since I'm on a liquid diet, all I had was a malt. Its good to be back with our old friends.

The interesting thing today was the news that a man had let out "dozens" of exotic animals including lions, tigers and bears. Police officers had to kill most of these dangerous animals, which was sad, but necessary. The interesting thing for us was, that was one of our stops on our way back toward Indiana. As near as I could tell, we were about 5-6 miles away at the Wolfie's Campground. Glad we came back when we did!

Not much to report today, but at least I'm back on track on the blog.

So long.

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