Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday-Wednesday, October 10-12, 2011-Moving day, Mill Creek Ranch Resort to Rayford Crossing

We woke pretty early on Monday morning and began seeing our friends as they left. We were glad that everyone had a good time, but were sad to see them go. We finally got everything put away and pulled out about 11:30. We drove over to Nacogdoches to the Paradise Lake RV Park where we had gone at the beginning of our trip. We stayed there one night so we could spend some time with my Aunt Janie, and we couldn't believe the difference in the lake! It is almost empty now due to the drought with dead or dying trees everywhere.

We only stayed one night in Nacogdoches before traveling on to Rayford Crossing in Spring. We surprised several people there by dropping in. It was good to see the friends that are either already back for the winter season or didn't leave this summer. I enjoyed having coffee with the few guys that are there.

On a sour note, I learned that we are not working at Timber Ridge any more. We began running the park for Gwen a couple of summers ago and knew all along that they wanted someone to work at the park year-round, but Stella had talked to Gwen about six weeks ago and was told that they were still filling in with girls from the Rayford office to run it, so we both assumed (I know what that word means) that we would still be working there when we returned, so it was a shock when I was told that someone else is now working there. We should have been told.

We stayed two nights at Rayford and left for Ron Hoover RV on Wednesday to pick up our new trailer. WE ARE EXCITED!!!

So long.

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