Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24th-26th, 2011-Mission West 1rv Park

Three more pretty slow days around here. Monday the four of us went to Mexico so that I could have an adjustment made to my dental work. I am still amazed in this doctor. We walked in, unannounced and I was taken into his office and within 30 minutes, we were on our way again with my mouth feeling much better. We did a little shopping and talked to an optometrist to get a price on some new eyeglasses but didn't buy anything. We were back on American soil soon. We stopped off at Fat Daddy's Bar B Q for a late lunch and found it an okay place to eat. It was my first time to eat "hard" food and it went pretty well. We did a little shopping including a grocery store before we came back home.

Tuesday Tom had to take Judy to a doctor's appointment and Stella and I went to visit Dustin Hoover at the Ron Hoover dealership where we are having an open house event in February. We talked out some of the details of this event and after leaving Dustin's office, we did a little shopping in the parts department. We ran a few errands and stopped by a Luby's restaurant for a snack, which was a mistake. Their prices are outrageous but lesson learned! We returned to the park and hung out with Tom and Judy for the rest of the afternoon. Of course, you know what Tuesday night is, yep, NCIS night. I got to watch my show and was a happy camper...

Wednesday we didn't leave the park all day. I got caught up on my blog and took care of a lot of Heartland business both online and on the telephone. Stella worked on getting some boxes of assorted things that hadn't been put away yet taken care of and we enjoyed a day of just hanging out at home. The dogs loved it too.

I learned today that we'll be starting a new work camping job at the Caddo Lake NWS park in February. We're looking forward to a new adventure there. More to come...

So long.

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