Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 27-29 2011-Mission West RV Park

Three more easy-going days in the valley here. I did get my stitches out at the dentist office in Mexico yesterday, but that didn't take too long. Stella and I were up early to go over and were surprised at the lack of traffic on the roads at 8 o'clock in the morning. We made great time to Progresso and were actually about 15 minutes early for my appointment. We got started right away and again I was impressed with the care that they took for me. Every step of the process was explained and I was through in less than a half hour.

We had thought about going to eat a burger at the Gonzales Burgers but I got out too early for that, so we went to Martha's for breakfast. It was delicious as usual and we had a good time chatting with some of the other winter Texans that had come in to eat. It had turned chilly this morning and we were sitting right beside the front door, so we got a blast of cold air every time the door opened, but it wasn't that bad.

There hasn't been too much to report going on down here in the valley but we will be leaving here soon and then perhaps we'll have more to talk about.

So long.

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