Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thursday February 13, 2014-Inks Lake state park

A group of us from Inks Lake made a drive over to the McKinney Falls state park near Austin for a birthday party for our dear friend George Odom. George turned 80 years young today and we wanted to share his day with him with a surprise birthday party for him. He has worked at several state parks including Inks and McKinney falls and only left a couple of weeks ago for his new "job" here.

 The dining room.

 An outdoor eating area. The fireplace doesn't work but would be a wonderful thing to have on these cold nights.

We all wish that Inks Lake had something like this!

Our group waiting for George to arrive.  

The guest of honor arrives. I'm sorry that I was so far away because you can't see the surprise on his face. 

Happy Birthday George, my friend! 

Someone did a great job on his cake. It even has a sign on the front Park Host George, just like the one on his motorhome.

A great setup for George.

We rode over with our friends Bill and Karen, so not only did we have a good time at the party, we enjoyed the ride too. We hope that all of our friends return to Inks next fall. I know we will...

So long

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