Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday February 20, 2014-Montgomery KOA

I got up early this morning and drove down to Rayford Crossing for their men's coffee. When we lived at Rayford, I not only went to coffee every morning, but made the coffee many times. I was one of the first to begin the tradition, and was flattered when one of my friends invited me to come. I know it's a long way down there but I wanted to see my friends there and really enjoyed it. Most of my friends were there but there were a couple that didn't make it. I will go back one or more mornings and will try to see all of them.

When I came back home, I stopped in Conroe and captured some Munzees. You haven't heard me talking very much about Munzees in awhile and it felt pretty good to get back into the game. There are a lot of Munzees in the area, so I can keep busy.

I capped Munzees for an hour or so and quit because it started to rain. I knew rain was in the forecast and didn't want to get stranded way out in the parking lot when it started raining hard so I came on back home. It was just in time because I hadn't been home for long when it began storming. It rained hard and the wind blew for about an hour and I was glad to be home, dry and warm!

I went to the office and used their Internet service to get caught up with messages and emails. While having the data using problem that we did at Inks Lake, I hadn't opened any email attachments, so now I have literally hundreds of emails and You Tube videos to watch. It will make my time here go by so fast.

So long.

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