Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday February 26, 2014-Montgomery KOA

I want to make a few comments on the weather this year. Wow, will winter never end? After nearly freezing at Inks Lake, it has turned cold again here in Montgomery. I have a lot of respect for the fireplace that Heartland put in this trailer because it did a LOT of work for us this winter and it's working again right now! 

I had plans today to go out and capture Munzees all day, but the rainy and cold weather is going to prevent that. We'll be here for awhile, so I'll get 'em another day.

It rained all day and was very windy. Our neighbor, the one that made us wait for 30 minutes while he came back from work to move it out of our site, lost his awning this morning while he was away at work. Even when I was the rawest rookie, I knew better than to leave my awning out when the weather was bad. Not only could it have filled up with water, the high winds would surely gotten it, and sure enough, when I went out to look at it, the fabric was torn all the way across and the arms had been town off the trailer. When he came home, he apparently just ripped the canvas off and rolled the barrel of the awning up against his trailer. I heard him banging around when he got home but didn't go out. The only times I've seen him, he just glared at me as if it was my fault that he had to come home and move his truck. Some People...

We just stayed inside, warm and dry, except for the three times that Stella had to get her gun and make the dogs go outside in the cold rain. There were reruns of NCIS on all day and then tonight, a new Duck Dynasty to watch. Oh and I can use the Internet again here. The WIFI usage had dropped back to normal again. It must have been something with all the trees around our site at Inks Lake that caused the excess usage. 

So long.

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