Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday February 12, 2014-Inks Lake state park

The rangers and other employees of the park gave us, the park hosts, an appreciation lunch today. They did one last year, but it was after we had left, so we missed it. I'm told that it was a lot of fun and I know this year's was!

Here is many of our group, gathered at the maintenance shop and ready to party!

They used two of the garages for the setup. We have had other meetings here before and its a nice area. We all wish they would set up a covered pavilion for us to use, but its not gonna happen any time soon I'm afraid.

The rangers and park employees prepared all of the food and put on a couple of very funny skits for us. The theme this year was TV Land.

The headquarters staff did a skit on the Simpsons. Thats the retiring park manager, Terry Rogers doing Marge Simpson. He's the one with the tall blue hair.

Taking a well-deserved bow. 

The maintenance and ranger staff arrived as the A Team. They used one of the old prison vans, used to transport prisoners to the park to work, to be their transport. They used black trash sacks to cover the van and some scrap lumber that they painted for the red accent trim. We couldn't believe Ranger Jeff going shirtless! It was cool in the shade. 

 The A Team...

I'm sure you recognize Terry Rogers but the guy next to him is Terry Young, the assistant park manager.

Terry, saying a few words to us. He will be retiring soon and we all wish him well in the future.

The A Team at their van. 

The maintenance crew also won the prize for the best food dish. Another great day for the A Team.

We had a great time with our friends and are looking forward to the fall when we plan to return.

So long.


Mark & Teri said...

Teri did a blog today on the same topic. Great minds...

You can see it at

We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you next year.

Safe travels, Mark & Teri

Teri said...

This was the best volunteer appreciation lunch we have ever had. I blogged it too!!
We look forward to seeing yall next year and following along with your blog until then.