Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday May 2, 2014-Ozark RV Park, Mountain View Arkansas

The Arkansas rally is going very well. We had a very good potluck breakfast this morning, attended by all with some great food. Billy S. made biscuits and gravy and we furnished scrambled eggs and others brought bacon, sausage, some great cheesy hash browns for a very tasty breakfast. I forgot to bring my camera or even my phone, so I didn't get any pictures of the fun.

We all came back home after breakfast and to rest during the afternoon. I had a nice chat with Billy and he agreed to become the new Chapter Leader of the Arkansas chapter. He agreed with the understanding that his rallies are held here at this park, and I believe that this will work out well. 

I had put out my chairs in the shade and several of our friends came by to sit outside and chat. We caught up with old friends and met and visited with new ones. The weather is perfect and we are having a great time here. I think we've found another "favorite" place...

We had an ice cream social meet and greet tonight after the supper hour. Everyone loves to get together and the ice cream just makes it better.
Everyone loves Blue Bell! 

Everyone looks so intent on getting every bit of that good old ice cream!

After finishing up our snack, we went around the table, telling about our backgrounds and how we became Heartland owners. We heard many funny stories about our lives and experiences and had a lot of laughs. Great fun and we can't wait to come back here.

So long.

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