Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday May 26, 2014-Dixie Caverns Campground, Salem Virginia

The first thing I want to say is that I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day. My brother found this old photo of our Dad and my namesake, Wallace Coffman, from his U.S. Navy days during the second World War. He served on a LST, a large ship that carried war supplies to the troops.

Now to catch up on a very relaxing weekend, we went into Salem on Saturday to look around. We love exploring these new (to us) towns and their stores and restaurants. While there, I decided to find the local AT & T store to look at a new I phone for me. It is time for an upgrade and I had tried to do the deal while we were in Kentucky but it didn't work out. They were intent on  moving me from my old phone plan to something newer and I wasn't will to do that. Today I met a nice young man who fixed me up with no hassle and in a short time I was the proud owner of a new phone.

Getting back to the park, I have to tell you about a neighbor that came in Saturday evening. I think I told you about the man to our left that had to bring his awning in when we pulled in. I told you that these sites are close together. Well this evening a single lady came in driving a motor home. I didn't have my awning out, but couldn't have used it after she pulled in. She was so close that she couldn't open one of her slides without coming dangerously close to our trailer. I never saw her come out except to hook up her utilities and she was gone in the morning when I woke.

Stella had learned from talking to the folks in the office that they seldom use the site next door because it is so close to our site, but later Sunday afternoon, another truck and trailer came in and parked next to us but not as close this time. It was a man and his teenage son in a toy hauler fifth wheel. 

One last story about our neighbors. There is a young lady across the street from us that is camping in a tent with her large Alaskan Husky dog. We met her after loaning her one of our dog tie-outs for her dog. She is from Maryland and was here to meet her parents who are from Houston and are camping in a Hi/Lo trailer. Both of her parents are learning to play the mandolin and dulcimer and we enjoyed listening to her father playing and strumming on his mandolin. Ironically, they were in Mountain View Arkansas the weekend before we got there and had stayed at the Ozark RV Park where we stayed. We knew some of the same people that work at the park. It is indeed a small world!

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

The sites look long but really close together. Is your rally thete?