Thursday, May 15, 2014

Monday May 12, 2014-Shipshewana South RV Park

Monday was another slow day, with more of our friends leaving. This morning, many of us went over to Topeka IN to have breakfast at Tiffany's Restaurant, a place that we had heard about but not been to yet. Topeka is in the heart of Amish country and we all enjoyed the drive through the country and seeing all of the beautiful Amish homes and farms. When we arrived at the restaurant, it too was an Amish-run business. I guess the Amish religion allows members to use modern equipment when they are away from their homes because there were lights and all the regular equipment that any restaurant has but everyone working there wore typical Amish clothes.

After a huge breakfast, we returned to the park and Jim and I went over to Goshen to the fairgrounds to run some errands there. While there, we tried to go onto the grounds to check out some vendors that were at the Escapees Samboree that was going on there but the gatekeepers wouldn't let us drive in. I planned to find our friends Sam and Donna while we were there but I didn't know which site they were in and didn't want to walk the entire grounds to try to find them, so we left to go over to Elkhart and the Heartland factory. While there I got to meet the new Landmark brand manager, Tom Montague and saw some new and exciting things to come soon. 

We returned home for some rest and since it was getting close to supper time, to decide what we were going to do. A few went back to the Blue Gate but we were still full from breakfast, so we passed. We had a nice campfire to burn up the rest of the firewood. It was a nice way to end the rally.

So long.

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Nan Talley said...

Geesh, We are from Indiana and have never heard of Topeka! Sorry you were not able to find your friends.