Friday, May 2, 2014

Thursday May 1, 2014-Ozark RV Park, Mountain View AR

Our first day here was very interesting. I was told that there was coffee in the office every morning, so I went up about 8 and met several very friendly guests as well as the owner of the park. We sat around for a few minutes and I noticed that there were several musical instruments around the room and then several of the men began taking them out of their cases and tuning them up.
One of the players this morning. And yes, that's a broomstick on top of a washtub with a cable running down the stick. It sounds just like a bass fiddle when played though.

The owner of the park, Andy, playing the mandolin.

Two park guests, playing guitar and singing. They all played very well and sang folk and country music. It was nice to sit and listen to music early in the morning.

Stella, Billy, his wife Janice and our friend Doug getting ready to enjoy lunch at Cody's Restaurant in Fifty Six Arkansas. Fifty Six got it's name from the federal government in 1918 when the settlement tried to name itself Newcomb, which was rejected. The government named the town after the school district, #56.

We had a nice meal and returned to the park. I set out some lawn chairs and several of our friends came by and visited. It was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The weather was just about perfect, with clear skies and high 60's temperatures. This is a great place!

So long.

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