Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday April 30, 2014-Moving Day-Paradise Lake Resort, Nacogdoches to Ozark RV Park, Mountain View Arkansas

We have a long way to go today, about 400 miles, so we were up early to get ready to leave. The first thing I did was to go fill up the tanks with fuel, so we should be able to get all the way to Indiana and perhaps beyond on this fill-up. It was cold, about 48 degrees this morning, so I put on jeans and a jacket, but while getting my fuel I got hot and so when I got home I changed into shorts and took off my jacket. It was comfortable while we drove, and I was glad I had changed. 

We had been in contact with Dave and Nancy, the North Texas Chapter Leaders, and knew that they were heading to Mountain View from their home in Terrell TX and had talked to them about hooking up somewhere on the road. Stella talked to them and we decided to meet at the Welcome Center outside of Texarkana. They had just about finished their lunch and we just took a short break while I changed back into my jeans. It was freezing here, and I couldn't even stand to go to the restroom before changing. Stella and I had already eaten some delicious pork sandwiches, thank you Janie!

Here is the view of Dave and Nancy's trailer that we had for some of the drive.

Terrible destruction from the recent tornado at Mayflower Arkansas. 

We did see some pretty scenery of the Ozark mountains.

We even saw a few dogwood trees blooming.

As we neared the park, some very ominous clouds started rolling in.

Surely another tornado would not come dropping out!

We made it to Mountain View!

After getting set up, we met with Billy, who is work camping here and one of our old friends from the Heartland club, Doug. We had a nice visit with them and before you know, we were set up and ready to have some fun. We can't wait for the rest of the group to arrive tomorrow.

So long.

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