Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday March 9, 2015-Oasis RV Park

Well, here I am again, far, far behind...again! There is a good reason for this. The weather has been bad, rainy and cold a lot of the time. No one wants to hear about me laying around in sweats because I'm cold.

We have met with some of our friends to eat out and visit. We met Harry and Judy at the Oriental Buffet in Texas City. It was good to see our friends again and we hope to see them again before we leave. We drove up to Seabrook to Tookie's (which had finally reopened after hurricane Ike damage) to meet Tommy and Susan. We met Mike and Patrice along with Kim, Ray and the boys to celebrate Stella's birthday at Kelley's restaurant in La Marque but both the service and food wasn't as good as it once was. We later backed up these feelings about Kelley's when Stella and I went back and had poor service and both our food orders were messed up. We don't know what has happened by one of our favorite restaurants but something is going on there.

We went to some of Cameron's baseball games in Richmond, Rosenberg and Santa Fe. At the Richmond game, the weather was very cold and windy and we only stayed for one game. He played well and pitched in one of the games and did pretty well. We missed him pitching the entire game in Santa Fe, but we had gone to visit an old friend of mine (more later). We were sorry to have missed his game and he pitched very well, but there will be plenty more soon.

Cam batting. 



Getting a hit. Note the ball in flight, to the right of the 3rd base coach. He got a double and scored two RBI's but got stranded on base.

We missed his game because we had gone to visit an old friend from my childhood and church, Charlotte Purjet McLemore. It was nice, bringing back memories of my youth and times in the First Baptist Church of Galveston. Charlotte's sister married and divorced a good friend of mine, Mike Morrissey. I expect to see Mike at my upcoming 50th class reunion. 

Speaking of my reunion, we went today to visit a classmate of mine, Leta Middleton Higgins. We met her at the Maceo Spice and Import Co. in Galveston. The owner, Ronnie Maceo, was a couple of years behind me in school and I knew him back then, but we went to different schools. It was very good to see Leta and we had a lot to catch up on. She and I had talked about serving on the reunion committee but unfortunately, she developed some medical issues and others stepped in to work on the committee. I'm sure that we'll see her again before the reunion.

 If you're in Galveston at lunch time and want a very good sandwich, stop by Maceo Spice & Import. It's located in the historic Strand district and there are lots of interesting places to go.

So long.

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