Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday May 11, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

My week began with trying to find a Chiropractor that  had a good reputation and took Medicare, which turned out to be a problem. I called a couple of local Dr's that didn't take "old folks insurance" but offered to treat me anyway- if I paid the bill. When I went to pick up my x-rays I noticed that there is a Chiropractor right across the street that takes Medicare, so I called them up and made an appointment. What a disappointment it turned out to be. I soon learned that they were not interested in even looking at the x-rays I had done and wanted to do their own at a cost of $250! She explained that she wanted to start at my head and work her way down my body to check ALL the bones and vertebrae, even though my shots were of the area where the pain was coming from. I already know the head bone's connected to the neck bone; the neck bone's connected to the back bone, etc. and I need help in the L-1 to L-5 vertebrae. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Medicare doesn't pay for x-rays or examinations, only for the adjustments. After leaving, I did some research on this clinic and they had another similar complaint on them for the same thing. 

I continued to research for a doctor and found an old friend of mine, Dr. Brad McKecknie, that worked on me about 25 years ago when I was lifting weights. He took good care of me then, so I called his office to learn that he isn't taking new patients but they have other docs in the clinic that could see me. I made an appointment for Saturday morning for Dr. Case Ricks to see me. While waiting to see Dr. Ricks, Dr. Brad came in and remembered my name. He came out and we had a nice visit. When he had treated me the first time, he had an office in the Texas Chiropractic College where he taught. Today he just said that he is "back at the college" but I later learned that he is the President of the college. Wow!!

Dr. Ricks took a look at my x-rays and knew just what to do. He made a couple of adjustments to my back and I walked out pain free! This was the best I've felt in a couple of weeks or longer. I had a much better weekend and came back this morning for another adjustment and am feeling much better now. I will go back a few more times before we leave.

Getting back to more fun stuff, we met Tommy and Susan and my brother Phil and his wife Carol at the Topwater Grill in nearby San Leon on Friday afternoon. The food is always fresh and good there and we were all stuffed  when we finally left. The place was not very busy, so we were able to sit and chat for awhile before leaving. Phil and Carol came over to our place to see our trailer. They liked it and asked many questions about living the RV lifestyle but I doubt that they'll go full time anytime soon. Just a feeling I have...

After going to the doctor in the morning, we went by the cemetery in Hitchcock to honor my Mother's grave. There were lots of people there today for Mother's Day and there were two services being conducted so I was not able to look for any other relatives there. We'll try to go back before we leave to pay our respects.

When we came back home, Tommy and Susan called because they were bored and wanted to come down to see us. We told them to come on because we didn't have anything on our calendar today. When they got here, we decided to go to Houston to look at RV's. We didn't get 10 miles up the road and ran into heavy traffic due to a traffic accident. We ended up taking the 610 loop when it became obvious that we wouldn't make it to the dealership before closing time. We decided to go to one of Tommy's favorite barbecue restaurants, the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant. The food was indeed very good and we enjoyed the food. They also have fresh rolls that come out about every 15 minutes or so and are delivered to your table. I would go back for the rolls alone, but I have cut back on potatoes and bread, so I limited myself to one roll. We ended up driving about a 30 mile circle but it took almost 4 hours to drive it. it was fun to spend time with our friends and it will give us a good story to tell for a long time. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day and we spent time with Kim, Ray and the boys. We went to Monterrey Tex Mex in Dickinson. We all wanted some Mexican food and we figured that this small restaurant wouldn't be that busy, but nooooo, it was packed! We had a nice meal with the family and we later went over to their house for Kim and Stella to work on Tyler's graduation invitation list. I spent time outside with Ray, talking about improvements that he wants to do in the back yard. He has done a good job of cleaning up the trash that was in the back yard and we'll see how he does with his plans.

So long.

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