Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday May 4, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

Playing catch-up from last week again!

We went to watch Cameron play baseball last Monday. The boys didn't look good during the first four innings but came back pretty well. They lost were behind 10-0 but rallied, only to lose 17-10. Bummer! At least we got to see Tyler and his girlfriend Loren, who came to watch the game and to see Tyler's dad, who finally got to a game.

The boys wanted Stella to make them some of her goulash on Tuesday but we couldn't make it then. We went over on Wednesday and she cooked for them. Tyler was at work and I took him some for supper. The other two came out of their rooms long enough to grab up some bowls and go back into their caves to eat. Stella did another outstanding job on the soup and the rest of s had some. 

I had a doctor appointment Thursday afternoon and everything came out very well. I've lost some weight and that's always a good thing and the doc gave me a new electronic test that checks all your innards and gives her a report. All of my vitals checked out okay and since I have complained about my back and legs hurting, she found that I have some vertebrae that need adjustment. My doctor suggested a private x-ray lab that does good work and suggested going to a chiropractor to get my back in shape. She also prescribed a blood test and gave me the orders to take with me. I went the first thing Friday morning and got that done.

Our good friends, Bill and Ornell have just bought a new Bighorn and they brought it down Thursday for a visit at this park for their first trip out. Their trailer is beautiful and I know they will love it. They wanted to downsize from their 40' Landmark and should do well with this 35 footer.

Stella fixed us some smothered steak for supper on Thursday and we all ate way too much. The food was great-Stella strikes again! We all sat outside visiting and catching up until the winds got chilly and we went inside.

After doing my blood test Friday morning, I went to get my x-rays done in League City. The x-rays hurt more than the stick of the needle to draw blood. Getting up on the table and then into the different positions with my bad back was pretty hurtful. I'm glad that I don't have to do this very often.

We came back home and loaded up in the truck and went over to Kelly's for supper. The food, as usual, was very good. Bill and Ornell requested this place and since we love it too, it was a no-brainer!

Bill and Ornell's daughter and her family had also just bought a new trailer and they came down to stay for the weekend. I know that they enjoyed entertaining their three grandsons and Stella and I enjoyed watching them on their first camping trip. 

Saturday morning we had a potluck breakfast with pancakes, bacon and eggs, prepared and eaten outside. There is just something about cooking and eating outside for breakfast that makes it extra delicious. 

While the kids went to a nearby state park, the rest of us stayed here and just hung out. Later in the afternoon we went to the Monterrey Tex Mex restaurant for supper and then rode around Dickinson. We took them by our old house and then went to League City to check out a new RV park. We found that the sites were uncomfortably tight with not enough room to open the awning without hitting your  neighbor's slide. It could be a nice place if it weren't for that.

We came back home to sit outside again. The weather has been delightful, with highs in the 70's to low 80's during the day but cooling off in the evenings. Again the cool breezes chased us back inside again.

Sunday, the kids had to leave for home, so after seeing them off, we again hung out here. We were all stuffed from eating out so much, but later in the afternoon, we decided that we could eat a hamburger, so we took them to Tookie's in Seabrook. As usual, the food, while different, was excellent and we left well satisfied. 

Monday morning it was time for Bill and Ornell to pack up and go home. We are sorry to see them go but understand that Ornell has to work and they have a lot to do when they get home. We'll see them again.

So long.

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