Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday May 20, 2015-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV Resort to Houston West RV Park

I'm doing something different today and jumping ahead, skipping some good times with friends. Not that I'm ignoring them, but I had a bad day today and want to tell you about it! I'll go back and add their times when things settle down.

We started out by making an appointment at the Ron Hoover RV dealer to have some minor work done on the trailer under our extended warranty that we paid for. The plan was for us to spend the night in their driveway and they would furnish us power and water. Free is good! The downside is that they open early and we would have to be up and out pretty early and had made plans to meet others that were going to the same rally with us, so Stella and I decided to go to the Stephen F. Austin state park to spend the night. Better facilities and we wouldn't have to be out at the crack of dawn. 

After dropping the trailer off, we went to the state park to hang out and to pick out a site. We were shocked at the condition of the park with very high grass throughout the park, tree limbs down everywhere and just a deplorable condition in the park. Since we have had so much rain, there is standing water all over and all the hiking trails are closed due to high water. 

We chose a site and went to the office and paid for it, planning to be back shortly to get set up and relax.We went to get the trailer and found that we had what was thought to be a large nail in the left rear trailer tire. While in the shop, they had checked my tires for proper pressure and found this. We immediately found a nearby Discount Tire and made arrangements to go get the nail removed. Luckily we have a service agreement with Discount Tire, so they came out to check out the problem. It turned out to be the top of a plug used to repair a piece of metal that we had found a couple of months ago in Weatherford. Wow, what a relief! No tire to repair or possibly replace! It was a bit of a problem to maneuver out of the parking lot but we made it.

We were soon on our way to Stephen F.Austin to cool off and relax. I had chosen the site with the best view of the sky so we would have good television. When we got there and got set up, the electricity would not come on. Our surge protector was working again. It is designed so that it won't allow either high or low voltage into the trailer to protect expensive appliances and televisions. I contacted the park host next door and he called one of the park rangers who is an electrician. The ranger showed up right away and began looking at the box, trying to figure out what was wrong. He peered into the box as if it was going to tell him what was wrong. He never put a meter on the box or did any type of investigation into the problem and was no help. He looked into the electric boxes on several nearby boxes before admitting that he didn't have a clue. Now I was getting upset. It was hot, humid and starting to rain and all I wanted was working electricity so I could cool off. I got on the phone and found us another full hookup site in another park in Brookshire. I guess I insulted him because I told him that I wasn't interested in another site in this nasty-looking park. Well, I didn't say that but did decline another site. Hot, sweaty, rained on and frustrated but off we went to get our money back. Then the lady in the office said the fault lies with our surge protector and that many people have the same problem. These sites have all been under water lately, so I'll trust my protector and not their water-logged equipment. She did refund the money but Stella was pretty steamed when she came back to the truck. 

We came over here to the Houston West RV park where everything worked and we were soon basking in air conditioned comfort, watching Dish Network TV. Ahhhh...

I contacted Bill, Tommy and Donna about tomorrow's travels and was elected leader of the caravan since I know the way well. I'll post more tomorrow after we get to Boerne. Surely tomorrow won't be as "eventful" as today.

So long.

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