Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday May 13, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

This has been a good week-so far- for the Texas City boys. Monday night, Cameron had his baseball banquet and won Most Valuable Player for the offense on the Jr. Varsity team. Since he is a freshman that was stepped up to the JV team, it's extra special. I talked to him on the telephone and he didn't know all of his stats but he told me that his batting average is .517! 

Yesterday, the band had their spring concert and it was very nice. Both Tyler and Austin (Ray's son) play in the band, in the wind ensemble, the jazz band and the symphonic band. Tyler played the baritone sax and some metal pieces in a special song called "Foundry" in the symphonic band and Austin had a solo in the jazz band. 

I talked to Jennifer a week or so ago and she told me that Ian is still playing baseball and recently won the throwing contest for his division. Congratulations Ian, another ball player in the family!

I don't think I told you about Jay and Ian being on television. Even if I did tell you, I want to tell the story again. Remember when they had the big brouhaha in Garland where the two Muslim terrorists were killed? Jay and Ian were in a store right next door and actually heard the shots but didn't realize what they were. The SWAT team soon arrived and made everyone leave and someone took a home movie of the parking lot and showed Jay's truck and very briefly showed Jay and Ian walking to the truck. 

Am I a proud Grandpa? You betcha!

So long.

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