Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday October 2, 2016-Moving Day-Bauer's Canyon Ranch RV Park to Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

We were up early to shower and begin packing for the trip to Ls Vegas. We have had such a good time here in Utah and I know we will return in the future. We will have Dave and Nancy and Bernie and Judi traveling with us today, with all the others at the park to follow later today or tomorrow.

We pulled out right on time at 9am but had to wait for another new friend, Jim and Melody, to pull out. I didn't know if they wanted to ride over with us or not, but they didn't stop and kept on going. We pulled out onto the road with Dave and Nancy right behind, but Bernie and Judi had lagged behind, maybe saying goodbye to friends. We waited a couple of minutes until he pulled out, and we were off!

We drove for about an hour and found the perfect place to stop, a large parking lot service station/convenience store. We were all able to pull in together and chat for a bit before moving along. We made good time as we traveled from Utah, back into Arizona before getting into Nevada. Today was another confusing day for our watches, computers and other devices. We went from Utah in Mountain region, Daylight Saving Time to Arizona , which does not observe Daylight Saving time, to Nevada in Pacific Daylight Saving time. We got a good workout, changing the necessary devices.

Somehow Bernie and I got separated from Dave and Jim so I slowed down to allow them to catch up. Bernie passed me but I kept up with him while keeping an eye out for our other friends. There is no phone service out there on the road, so there was no way to find out if the others had merely gotten caught in traffic or had a problem and pulled over. I decided to catch back up with Bernie and try to signal him to either slow down a lot or pull over to wait for our friends. I had to drive 80 (pulling the trailer and breaking the rule of RV'ers to drive 65 or less) to catch up, and flashed my headlights at him. He didn't slow, although he did move over onto the shoulder, making me believe he saw me behind, but did not stop. We continued on behind him until Stella got a phone signal and was able to call Judi. Stella said that we should pull over to wait for our friends, and Judi said to go for it. We pulled over but Bernie and Judi continued on. Shortly, we saw Jim and Dave come into view and they pulled over as well. The girls got out to use the facilities and I went to talk to Dave and then to Jim. Jim had stopped in the lead position, so since he had come to Utah from the Oasis, since he knew the way from here, I suggested that he lead the pack the rest of the way. He agreed, so I returned to our trailer to take my "break" but when I came out, I saw that he had taken off! That left just Dave and I, so we continued on to Las Vegas. When we arrived Bernie was still in line to get checked in, so he didn't arrive much before us. Jim had pulled over for fuel, so he came in behind us.

At any rate, we arrived and after getting checked in, went to our site. We had a bit of trouble negotiating a large tree beside the site and then having to move to allow our sewer hose to reach but we have arrived!

We started visiting with friends that we haven't seen in awhile. We are going to have lots of good times this week! We later went out to eat supper with about 16 friends both new and old at a nearby casino and had a great time catching up. More friends will arrive in the next few days and the rally starts on Thursday.

So long.

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