Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thursday October 12 thru Sunday October 16-Moving days-Williams AZ to Burnet TX

Actually I left off the last day that we spent in Williams before beginning our trek back to Texas. We all slept in on Wednesday after spending the day before at the Grand Canyon. We all just piddled around in the park, some went to get fuel before leaving, but mainly just hanging out. Mike and Nancy broke out their Traeger grills and made some delicious hamburgers for us in the afternoon and we all enjoyed our last night together.

We ll started pulling out bout 7:30 Thursday morning. Most of us are going to Albuquerque NM but we'll be staying in different locations when we get there. Mike is staying behind to go to his daughter's house in Arizona, Lin and Phil are going to the American RV Park in Albq. and We are going to the High Desert RV Park with Dave and Nancy. Chris went to visit a friend from his working days. 

We went to get fuel but Stella and I ran into a problem with the purchase. The clerk somehow got our credit card fouled up and he had to credit the card back and voided the transaction. all of this activity on the card triggered some sort of security breach, so the card was denied, even though we had not made a purchase yet. He and Stella finally got it straightened out and we were able to make our purchase. What  mess! We ended up eating a nice meal at a Cracker Barrel. 

I would like to note that three of four rest areas in New Mexico were closed and fenced off. One of them was a welcome center to NM, but we didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling about there being closed. One maybe, but three! No Way!!

Friday we went with Dave and Nancy to Amarillo but I don't know where everyone else went. These days have been long but relatively easy days because it has all been driven on freeways, easy-peasy! 

We decided to splurge tonight and took a limousine ride to the Big Texan restaurant. This was something new for us, but we learned that the limo rides have been going on for some time. It was a nice ride and both of the drivers that we had were good drivers that entertained us with stories. No, we didn't have the 72oz. steak but did have some good food.

Saturday was another long day to Abilene. We didn't do anything noteworthy there and ate leftovers. Boring...

Today we split up with Dave and Nancy. They went home to Terrell and we came to Inks Lake. We had to dodge around a low clearance bridge. and had to backtrack which took an hour or so longer, but we got here and got set up with no problems.

We were on this site about four years ago. It is right next to a restroom and bathhouse, which bothers Tramp, but he'll settle down soon

This is our view of the lake across the street from us. There is a fishing pier and swimming area there, so lots of activity on the weekends. We'll see how it works out. We can always move later if a better site comes open.

Good to be back in Texas and at our favorite state park.

So long.

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Caroline said...

I think that is where you were parked when my husband and I came to see you but you weren't home. We have our RV in Kingsland now and next month we are planning to head to AZ for the winter. Maybe we can meet up this year before we leave.