Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sunday October 9, 2016-Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

This will be a recap of the rally days. This was one of the best rallies that we have been to and everything ran well with no oopsies or serious problems.

The rally kicked off on Thursday with a hot dog meet and greet on the grounds of the park. I spent most of my time meeting new folks from the western part of the country that don't come to the Goshen rallies. It was good to finally put faces with names that I see on the Heartland forum.

There were seminars on Friday morning with the afternoons left open to explore Las Vegas. Since we had already gone to most of the places that we wanted to see, we could spend the time in the park, hanging out with friends. 

Friday night we went to a club-sponsored night out at the M Casino. This place is highly rated in Las Vegas and the food was outstanding! The buffet is huge and our tickets included beer and wine. After a very filling meal, we went into one of the lounges, which had been rented for our group with a California band that sang Beach Boys music as well as the Eagles. Actually neither Stella nor I remember their name, but they were very good. We had the entire lounge rented which included a balcony section that we ended up sitting in because the tables were all full inside. It was pleasant to sit outside because the weather was cool and we could hear the band just fine. 

On Saturday there were a few more seminars in the morning but I didn't go to any of them. It was nice to just walk around and chat with friends both old and new. The weather has been spectacular all week and we have enjoyed it.

Saturday night we had a catered meal in the rally hall and the outside patio. I went over over about 45 minutes before the meal was to start to get us a table but found a lot of people already there. I found a table that didn't have any chairs leaned over or any other sign that it was "reserved", so I sat down. In just a few minutes, a group came in and I was told that this was their table. I didn't want to make a scene, so I just gave it up and my friend Chris' wife told me to come sit at their table. 

The meal was good but it took a long time to serve as many people as we had in attendance. We ended up going outside, where there was a shorter serving line and got our food there. After the meal and introductions were made, they started the door prizes and we cleaned up! The best prize that we got was a folding wagon that will be useful for laundry runs, carrying groceries in from the truck as well as other chores requiring carrying items. 

Sunday morning was a full-on breakfast furnished by the club. It was really a simple breakfast of eggs, hash browns and bacon and sausage. It was very good but this was the day we had dreaded, the closing of the rally. After many hugs and handshakes, we said goodbye to many of the rally-goers. 

We went with Dave and Nancy to the Southpoint casino for their buffet and to get our free bottle of wine. We had gotten a coupon for this in our rally packet and the food was good as well. It was a nice way to end the rally.

So long.

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