Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday October 5, 2016-Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Today was the last of our tours that were part of the pre-rally events, to the Hoover dam. Although it wasn't that far to the dam, we were again glad that we had a bus to ride on. It was a pretty ride but one that we would see again when we leave on Monday.

These three displays show some of the information on the building of the dam. The model shown in the last one shows a scale model of the dam as it went up. 

These are the huge generators that produce electricity for Arizona, California and Nevada. Huge amounts of information can be found at THIS link to the Wikipedia article on the dam.

The entire dam is so massive that it is difficult to get it all in one photo. 

Here is Stella standing at the rail with the dam in the background. With so many people around it was hard to get a shot with just her in it. In fact, she had to move three times because a lady kept getting into the picture. Maybe she knew that I would put it on my blog and she would be famous.

This bridge is the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tilman Memorial Bridge or the Hoover Dam Bypass.

This is the Lake Mead side of the dam. Lake Mead is 110 miles long, with 550 miles of shoreline, with a maximum depth of 500 feet, with an area of 157,900 acres, containing 28,537,000 acre feet of water. It is the largest reservoir in the United States. I am sorry we didn't have more time to explore the lake.
We will return to this area.

So long.

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