Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday October 4, 2016-Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

This was our second day of tours of attractions in Las Vegas as part of the pre-rally activities. We went to Rick's Restorations, the site of another television show.  

Here is the main entrance to the business. The business began in the owners back yard and has now expanded to this location.

They do amazing restorations to many items from toys from our childhood to gas pumps, cash registers, bicycles and soda machines from long ago. Many of these items have brought back memories for us.

The painting on these is amazing.


I had a Schwinn bike much like this one back in the 50's. Remember those big old tires and fenders?

This is Stella and I with Rick Dale, founder and owner of this place. We only toured a small area, seeing items that are being readied to be restored. We could not go into the actual working shop for safety reasons, but we were told that Rick never comes out to actually meet visitors but made time to come meet us. 

We also visited Count's Kustoms, an auto builder/restorer in Las Vegas and the Gold and Silver Pawn shop as part of our tours.

One of the characters of the show is named Horny Mike because of his love of horns of all kinds. This is a bus that he built with horns all over the thing. It's not my cup of tea, but some people evidently like them.

Again we were not allowed in the shop but did get to see the owners collection of cars. 

Our final visit to one of the reality shows in Vegas was to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. This place was a disappointment for me because the shop is very small and there is only a small amount of items from the show, but it is a working pawn shop and since they make their money by selling items that have been sold or pawned, there is a constant turnover of items. They did have a large collection of jewelry including several Super Bowl rings and other championship memorabilia on display but this is also rather sad. A sports star earned a ring or other jewelry item and then for whatever the reason, they had to sell the item for pennies on the dollar value. 

It was still interesting to see the sites of the shows but we only saw one minor character at Counts Kustoms (Roli, the detail guy from Czechoslovakia) but no one at the pawn shop. The working pawn shop is roped off from tourists like us. I was glad to have gone to these places, as I had them on my bucket list for Vegas but was glad to have a bus to ride and not have to worry about parking my dually pickup. Absolutely worth the money to take the tour.

So long. 

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