Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tuesday October 11, 2016-Railside Ranch RV Park

Today we made the trip to see the Grand Canyon. We rode in a park shuttle bus to the Grand Canyon Railway depot for the 65 mile ride to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I won't bore you with pictures of the train because everyone has seen a train. Feel free to click on the above link and you will find lots of pictures of the trains. I will get right into the photos of the canyon and the surrounding areas.

Photo proof that we were there!

I can't understand people that can't follow the rules and stay on the path.

This was the home of the Kolb brothers that took photos of people visiting the Grand Canyon in the early 1900's. 

Some People!!

Love the layers of the rocks.

It was a LONG walk but worth every step!

This little fella was about a year old when he was killed by a speeding driver.

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures as much as I did when taking them. As I've said before, they don't really do justice to being there. It was a wonderful experience and I feel certain that we'll return.

So long.

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