Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday February 27, 2017-Cottonwood RV Park

What a nice day it was today. The weather has been warmer than normal this year in the valley and we have been enjoying it. Today the temps were in the upper 80's with clear skies.

Today is Stella's birthday and she had a very nice day. We found a new Chinese restaurant nearby called Kurai Chinese and Sushi so we went there with a large group of friends to celebrate her birthday. We rode with David and Donna, Dave and Nancy took their own truck and we met Ted and Donna & Mike and Linda at the restaurant. The place is very new and we found it delightful. We had a very attentive waiter that took care of everyones need for drink refills and even brought ice cream and other desserts to the table for us. They had a somewhat limited menu but the food was fresh and delicious. 

We had a nice time visiting at the table after the meal, and we all enjoyed our time together. It was good to catch up with friends.

We came back home to relax but later in the evening we got together at Dave and Nancy's place for birthday cake and ice cream. What a perfect way to end Stella's birthday than a delicious birthday cake and Blue Bell ice cream (thank you David)! 

We sat outside in the breeze, chatting and munching on the goodies for awhile before turning in. Sadly, David and Donna will be leaving in a couple of days and we'll miss them. We'll see them again at the upcoming Louisiana HOC rally in Kinder LA. and then they will travel to Alaska for the summer. Good luck on your trip!

So long.

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