Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday and Saturday, November 19 & 20, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Friday morning began routinely with coffee in the Lone Star room with the guys. We are starting to gather a large crowd, and with a friendly rally in the park, some of them came over too, so we almost ran out of coffee. Several of the guys again complimented me on yesterday's Heartland presentation and asked me if I was planning to do another one. I think they really just want me to bring donuts, but maybe some do want to hear more about my Bighorn trailer.

I took Stella to work and did my little chore of robbing the money out of the laundromat machines. It sure makes a difference if I'm late in getting the money out. My little coin bucket was full today!

I came back home and fired up the computer to check on some of my normal websites that I monitor every day. Of course, I had to play a few games too, but that just makes the time go by better LOL. At some point, I conked out and napped right through a meeting of the Rayford committee that I was supposed to go to at 1 o'clock. I just simply forgot about it, and feel bad about it. I was relieved to learn that I wasn't put in charge of some activity that I know nothing about when I was absent from the meeting. I could just see me trying to teach others how to make doilies or painting a picture without using numbers as a guide.

Tonight was a big night for us, bingo night! We went along with many of our friends, down to the smaller Lone Star room for bingo tonight, and when we got there, Valle asked me to call for her. She said her feet hurt and she didn't feel like calling. Don't ask me how the foot bone connects to the mouth... I got through the night without any major problems, once I figured out a few things and I think everyone had fun.

Saturday morning began with more guys at coffee again. I volunteered to come down and check on the coffee pot to make certain that it had started and the coffee was making but Jim beat me to it. I hung out with him as the guys came in and we all had a good time together. I took Stella to work and on my way back home, I stopped off at Master Hitch to buy a turnbuckle to secure the fuel tank. I had a long talk with Zack about other trailer and hitch issues. He is very knowledgeable and volunteered to come have coffee with the guys one morning to talk about his store and the services they offer. I will try to set something up.

I came on back home but soon got a call from Scott that my porch was finally done and ready to be picked up. I hurried on down to Manvel and got it and then hurried back to the park to get it set up before I went to get Stella so I could surprise her when she got home. What a good husband...!

Our old friends, Rick and Brenda came by to visit and to see my new truck. They said they like it and before they left, we made a "date" to meet them for supper on Monday afternoon. They are just returning to Texas from Washington state where they spent time with their family.

Bob and Christina rode with me to pick up Stella and we went out to eat at the El Charro restaurant that Ted and Donna took us to. We enjoyed a fine meal but were too early to hear much of the singer that is there. We will wait until later in the evening to go in the future.

We came on home and I gave Stella her surprise of the porch and stairs back in place. It will make a huge difference for us getting into and out of our house. Hopefully the powder-coat finish will last better this time. At any rate, thanks to Scott for getting it done for us.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

We almost went to El Chapparo last night too about 6 o'clock. They sure had a crowd. But we continued on to Eden Cafe. Let us know what you're doing with Rick & Brenda Monday. We may be able to join you. Kids don't arrive until after 10 at night.