Friday, November 19, 2010

Tuesday November 16 thru Thursday November 18, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

The old hitch was installed along with the fuel tank and on top of that, a high dollar tool box. I spent more than I wanted to, but I got exactly what I wanted, so it all worked out. I am excited about our next trip, but it's not 'til January when we go back down to Mission. Can't wait!
The tool box is not only a heavy gauge aluminum, it has a powder coated finish and is even heavy enough to stand on.

When they installed the box, they left enough room for the fuel hose to be kept there and gave me a clip to hold the nozzle in place. It is a very nice job.
On Tuesday, I took Stella to work and dropped the truck at Master Hitch here in the Woodlands for the horn installation. They got it installed, but said the horn wouldn't work. It is apparently plugged up and in need of a good cleaning. I will work on it later in the week.
There was a baked potato supper in the Rayford Room, so we hurried home and went to eat there. They do these potato suppers just about every month and everyone had a good time. I even made it home in time to see NCIS on television. It was a good 'un, a two parter, and if you missed it, you missed a good show.
Wednesday was a very slow day for us. I took Stella to work and came and picked her up after. I did a few chores around the house during the day and of course, kept the doggies in line and taken out for their "business". Tramp has good days and bad. Sometimes he gets bored and tears up papers and other things, and other times, he lays around and acts like a good little puppy.
Thursday I hosted a coffee and donut meeting for the guys in the Lone Star room, courtesy of Heartland. I decided to do my first presentation to people that I knew, so I could get my jitters out of the way with friends. We had about thirteen people at coffee, and some were actually interested in looking at the Heartland line of trailers, not so much for themselves, although a couple said they might be interested in the future, but others were looking for the kids or grandkids for a trailer to buy. I thought the meeting went very well and received several nice comments.
I took Bob and Christina with me to get Stella from work and we stopped off at the 88 Buffet for supper. As usual, the food was fresh and good and we all enjoyed a fine meal. The weather has been cold at night lately, so we came on back to our homes and went inside where it is warm and cozy. We'll have another campfire one night this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.
So long.

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