Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday November 3, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

This is another catch-up entry from a couple of days ago. There is really nothing interesting enough to warrant a daily entry, so please bear with me for awhile. I promise to do my best to keep in touch about what is going on with us. One of the blogs that I have been following only makes entries twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday, but in my opinion, that is not enough when we're traveling or going interesting places. Several of the blogs have fallen even farther behind than I did, with their last entries being in August and one all the way back to July! Whats up with that?

Monday, Stella and I ran errands on our day off. I went to look at some accessories for the new truck that I am looking at. I had to go by the computer parts store to order another power cord for my computer. Tramp and Cassie have started running and chasing each other and one day late last week, one of them got tangled up in the power cord and pulled the computer off onto the floor, bending the power cord so it doesn't work any more. I had only had this one for a couple of weeks when it was damaged.

I started trying to contact someone at South Texas GMC early this morning. I called Chapa and he was "with customers" every time I called. I called the service manager and he was on jury duty; I called the general manager of the dealership and he was "unavailable" and when I asked for the owner, I was told that he only comes to the dealership occasionally. So much for customer service!

We came home and watched the Houston Texans getting beaten by the Indianapolis Colts on one channel and the World Series on the other. What a bummer of a night for Texas teams.

Tuesday, Stella drove to work and I stayed home. I contacted Chapa at last and was told that his aunt had passed away but the truck was ready to go and that he would be bringing it back himself on Thursday. He said he will call for the address of the park and should be here sometime in the afternoon. At Last!

I have been drafted into the committee at Rayford again to plan activities for the winter Texans. I guess technically, we are now winter Texans too, but I digress...
We have several things planned for the month of November that will be fun and will give us something to do and look forward to throughout the month. When the meeting was over, we met several other couples at Big E McGee's in Old Town Spring for supper. One couple, Terry and Lena, are out of the park for now, but may come back when his job changes back to this area. We all had a good time together and we returned home in time to watch my show, NCIS. It began to rain lightly before bed, so it was good sleeping weather.

The men's coffee group has grown back up to 12 people every morning. Its good to have all of our old friends back.

So long.

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