Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday November 11, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well here it is, after all the heartaches in getting it. After all the problems with getting the right truck here, it is a relief to get it. We were leery of the nerf bar style running boards, but they look great and are make it easy to enter and exit the truck. The other dealer also installed the chrome rub strip and pin striping on the bed of the truck and we like them, how about you?

We wanted the six passenger interior, so we can take two other couples with us when we sightsee or to go eat. The seats are very comfortable and have plenty of storage. We should have plenty of room to store "stuff" in this truck.

I made it a point to get the eight foot bed, so we'd have plenty of room there too. I plan to install the extra fuel tank with a tool box over it, and the hitch leaving the area from the fenders back for storage of our porch and anything else that we need.

There was a small mistake made by the dealership. Notice the Tomball Dodge sticker and the license plate frame with their name on it too? See below...

Oops! This is where they got the truck to sell to me.
On Tuesday, our friends Bob and Christina arrived at the park for a month stay. It was good to see them again and we will be talking about their trip to Alaska this past summer. I'm sure that Christina has many photos of Alaska and Canada to show us and we are looking forward to seeing them.
After relaxing all afternoon, we went out to eat with them at Casa Imperial for some mexican food. It has been awhile since they have had any good Tex-Mex and we had a great time with them. We are glad they are back and will be staying here awhile.

Wednesday I took Stella to work and called the dealership to check on the truck. Jeannie told me it had arrived and was going to have the bedliner installed soon. I asked her if I could come by to look at it and check it out myself and of course she said I could. I thought it was even better looking with the chrome strip and pinstriping, so I am very happy with our choice.
I came back home and hung out around here until time to go get Stella from work. Gwen had told her to close at 4 so that she could come to the street party here at Rayford. Diane and Jerry had brought a lot of seafood from Canada, so the theme tonight was "A Taste of Nova
Scotia". She made a delicious seafood chowder with fried pepperoni and fish patties and everyone had a great time.
We had a really good turnout, and all of the money raised from the sale of meals and several items donated for silent auctions raised a total of more than $1,600 for CASA. This is a very valuable organization that advocates for children. We were very glad we went and were able to participate.
I am very excited about my new truck, both by the looks of it and the performance. I monitored the fuel mileage while we went out to eat tonight and it showed me getting 16.4 MPG around town. Not too bad for a truck with less than 500 miles on it! I'm certain that it will get better in the future.
So long.


Rick and Brenda said...

Very nice looking truck.
Hope you get many carefree miles.
welcome to Cummins.

Mike and Sandy said...

That is one handsome truck, Jay! I know you will enjoy it for many, many carefree miles!

Charlie and Peggy said...


Hope you like your truck,I love mine. It pulls like a dream and the exhaust brake is great! I could not see chrome and stripe on your pic. Too cloudy I guess.


Barbara said...

Great looking new truck! I'm SO glad they finally got it right.

Ted and Donna said...

Pretty snazzy looking truck. I like the chrome. I find the chrome running boards (or whatever they are called) easy to use to get in and out. Congratulations on Mission Accomplished.

Norton Family said...

Good looking truck. I drove Rusty's and Sandy's new one yesterday, now I'm wanting one!