Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday November 21 thru Thursday November 25, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Another slow week here at the resort. I'm playing catch-up again.

Sunday was our day off and we had promised the boys that we would come back down and show all of them the new truck. We had kept the news of the truck from Kim until that morning when Cameron spilled the beans. It's all right because we kept our secret for a long time.

Everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the truck and the boys demanded a ride around the block in it. We drove around for a bit and I made them change places so they could both ride in the front seat. We went back to their house and followed Kim, Jeremy and Stella to Uncle Chan's restaurant, which Tyler had chosen because his birthday is tomorrow. It's hard to believe my boy is 14 years old. He's taller than his mom and almost as tall as I am!

We had a great meal and visit with the boys before we had to return home. We knew that Mike and Patrice had come in today for the Thanksgiving week, so we wanted to get back in time to spend a little time with them. When we got back, we sat outside for awhile before calling it a night.

Monday, Mike and Patrice wanted to go over to Old Town Spring but when we got there, almost everything was closed. We were bummed, but decided to just ride around the area. We drove over to Tomball where we ate at Neal's family restaurant there. We didn't get too much accomplished today except getting Cassie and Tramp (remind me to tell you more later about Tramp!) new collars and halters. Oh, and Mama Stella bought both of them overcoats to wear when it gets cold. She just can't stand the thought of those little puppies getting cold when they have to go outside.

Tuesday I ran around trying to find a three-way switch for my air horn on the truck. The guys at Master Hitch had wired it in so that the electric horn blows along with the air horn on one side and just the electric horn on the other side, but I want only the air horn to blow. I went to all the auto parts stores around here and couldn't find the switch I wanted. I returned to Master Hitch and Zack told me to try a boat supply store. I checked at both the boat stores and didn't find what I wanted but stopped at a Radio Shack store and although I came close to finding what I wanted, it wouldn't work after all. I went back to Master Hitch to verify this latest switch wouldn't work and Zack just found what he needed online and ordered it. It will be in on December 2nd, and he said he will change it for me then. I was tired after driving all over the place looking for parts, so I went home and took a short nap before I had to pick up Stella after work.

Wednesday I returned two of the switches that I had bought and came back home. Stella had started a stew this morning for us and we had invited Mike and Patrice and another Mike and his wife Barb to eat with us this evening. I had asked Bob and Christina but they had already started fixing something for their supper. I tended to the stew throughout the day and we all had a great meal when we got back home. After supper, we went to play bingo in the rally hall and again I didn't win. I think those games are rigged...

Today is Thanksgiving and we had a fine meal with our extended "family" here at Rayford. There was plenty of food and we all overate, as usual. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? I came back home and watched football on television all afternoon. A cold front moved through, dropping some rain and then the temperatures. It's beginning to feel like the Christmas season.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

So long.

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