Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday February 27, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Today is Stella's birthday and I had a full day planned for her. I let her sleep as late as she wanted and went to the donut shop to pick up her breakfast. Hey, that's what she said she wanted....and she wasn't even a cop!

I had taken some bowls, spoons and forks out of our cabinets to take down to the rally hall and made an excuse to go to Kroger to pick up the cake and some ice cream. When I returned, I ran into Jim and Reta and offered to help Jim pick up trash this morning because Reta and Faye had told me they would dish up the cake and ice cream for the party. That was a big relief for me! Reta also said she would make up some punch for everyone. I made up the coffee pot, so everything was ready for the party to start. I talked to Melissa by text and told her what time to be here. I also talked to Kim and found out that she had a pretty good night after her low blood-sugar incident. She said that she would be here after she went to the hospital to pick up some medications that had been forgotten last night, so it seemed that everything was in place for the party.

I came on back home and continued on with the plan to surprise Stella. I had told her that we needed to stop by the rally hall to check on some banners that were being made for Timber Ridge, and she believed my story! She was completely fooled when she walked into the Rayford room and found everyone wishing her a Happy Birthday. We had a good turnout and estimated that we had 25-30 people at the party. Everyone had a good time and I spent a lot of time with Ian, taking him around the room to show him off a bit. Of course, everyone knows Tyler and Cameron, who spend a lot of time with us when we are here, and anyway, they were very late getting here, so Ian got the center stage today. Jennifer took him out to look at and pet the horses next door, and he seemed to enjoy them. He was a little afraid of them because they are so big, but he did pet them and talked to them.

Everyone had a good time visiting and the party finally broke up about 3 o'clock. All the kids came to our trailer and we about filled it up. Remember, there were 10 people and the two doggies in our small trailer, so it was a pretty tight fit. Ian didn't care for Tramp jumping up on him, but he was tired and needed a nap (takes after his grandpa!) and I think he will take to him better in the future.

Jennifer, Melissa and Ian left around 4 to make the long trip home. Kim, Jeremy and the boys stayed later and we went out to eat at the 88 Buffet for supper. We had a good meal there and before we knew it, it was time for hugs and handshakes and they left for Texas City. Stella and I came back home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Stella had a very nice birthday and thanked me for a great day. The look of surprise on her face was enough for me! We stopped celebrating our birthdays several years ago but this one was special. She is now officially old and can file for her Medicare and Medicaid benefits. I'll be there next year.

So long.


Juju and Harry said...

Happy Birthday Stella Ruth
looking forward to next Sunday.

Charlie and Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Stella! Glad you had a good surprise party.

Charlie and Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Stella, you sure dont look that old!! lol

Rick and Brenda said...

Glad you had a nice birthday celebration. Jay, way to go. It is hard to surprise her.

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday, Stella! I would have been there if I had known about it. Glad to hear that you were surprised - that's fun.