Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday September 2, 2011-Elkhart Campground

It was another hot one here today, back into the mid 90's this afternoon. We stayed around here and began on purging things that we haven't used to rid the trailer of some of the weight. Stella and I both still are in the mindset of having entirely too many clothes, so most of the older ones went into the Goodwill bag. Since we've retired, we've given so many clothes to Goodwill and other organizations, they should name something after us.

Stella gathered up three big trash bags full of our clothes and I removed several large boxes of stuff from the under belly storage, so it was a productive day. As long as the weather stays hot, we'll just stay inside and work on stuff in the trailer. We may as well be back in Texas.

I see on the weather channels that there is a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico and hope that it doesn't do anything but drop some needed rain on the Gulf coast region. I know that they need the rain but not any damaging winds or high tides, so hopefully it will only do good things.

So long.

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