Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday September 8, 2011-Elkhart Campground

We began the morning with another cool temperature. Not as cool as it has been, but 53 or so. Stella said it had rained during the night so it was damp this morning, and making it seem even colder. We ate some breakfast here and went to the mall in Mishawaka so Stella could buy some more tennis shoes. While she was inside, it began to rain. Not a hard rain but a steady, soaking rain that would be good for crops if I was a farmer. Since I'm not and we are leaving tomorrow, I hope the rain gets out of the way today so its nice and dry tomorrow.

Speaking of wet, we learned this morning that there is flooding in Hershey PA near to where we are going. i called the park and learned that it is still raining there but the park is not in any danger. One of the access roads into the Giant Center where the show will be held was buckled by water over the road and is apparently impassible. I monitored the situation throughout the day and everything is still a "go" for our next destination.

One thing we did learn about the Amish while we were here is that they are allowed to have telephones in their homes but can have one in a separate building. We had noticed the small buildings beside the driveway near the street and thought they were for the children waiting for a school bus to sit in. When we heard this, I noticed a telephone box with cables coming from it in all the buildings. And all that time I thought the Amish avoided most of the modern conveniences.

I came back home and started putting things away in preparation for leaving. I got the porch taken down and the lawn chairs packed up and put away, but soon after I got through, another Heartland owner, Tony and Joan from Maryland came over to visit. We sat outside talking to them for over an hour until it began to rain again. The temperature never got above 58 today, so it was starting to get chilly sitting outside and we were all getting hungry, so we bid them goodbye. It was nice to meet them but we wish we had met them earlier. They will be leaving here soon to go to Albuquerque for the balloon festival. We told them of our experience there and gave some pointers about places to go and things to do there.

So long.

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