Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday August 30, 2011-Elkhart Campground

I woke to another cool morning, 52 degrees this morning. We started packing up to go to the Heartland service center to have the work that had been done at RV Capitol checked over and to have a Trail Air pinbox installed. We were there a little before 9 and got the trailer dropped off. We had received instructions that we were to stay out of the shop due to insurance regulations. We have heard that before but it is new at Heartland.

We went to have breakfast at the Bristol Cafe, a small family restaurant and had a good meal that wasn't too expensive. Has anyone else noticed how expensive coffee is now? Wow. We only paid $1.25 per cup here, but thats very cheap compared to many other places. After breakfast, we went back to the park and sat under a shady site and read or played games for a couple of hours. The dogs enjoyed the time with us in the truck. Around 2 o'clock, we got the call that our trailer was being finished up and we could go pick it up. Keith was just finishing up the new caulking job and I got a chance to talk to Jerry, one of the welders with Lippert. He said that all the work that had been done should take care of our problem and he also explained the use and care of the new hitch. Jerry told me I have the ultimate in fifth wheel hitches in the Trail Air with Tri Glide. We are excited about the repairs and new hitch.

There were a couple of things that RVC had left off our trailer including the running lights not working. The brake lights and turn signals work fine but the side lights don't. We went back over to their shop but they were busy and couldn't take care of everything today and asked us to come back tomorrow. We weren't thrilled over coming back over in the morning, but knew we had to do it. We returned to the park and didn't even unhook the truck so we could get an early start in the morning.

Bob, our new friend had damaged his new Landmark and was also at RVC to have some painting done there. He wasn't very happy about the work that had been done but they were still working on it and later got it fixed to his satisfaction. He too returned to the park and I got a chance to talk to him again. He leaves tomorrow to have the Mor Ryde system installed.

We sat outside with Jim and Linda until it got cool and the skeeters came out again, but we enjoyed our time talking to them. They leave for the first time in their new trailer on Thursday. Its an exciting time for them and we can remember our first time in a new trailer. Memories...

So long.

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