Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday September 7, 2011-Elkhart Campground

I woke to another 49 degree morning but it was nice inside. We had our small reciprocating heater on in the living room and it is doing a good job of keeping the trailer warm. Again, it made the sleeping really good this morning.

We went out for breakfast this morning at the Middlebury Hills restaurant. Remember we found this place through our new friends Jim and Dee, but our favorite waitress, Lisa Marie, was off today. We had a delicious breakfast and went on over to Shipshewana to Yoder's Meat & Cheese Mkt. because Stella wanted some of the Amish foods that they sell. We also stopped off at a cheese-making factory and watched two different batches of cheese being made. It was very interesting, but they are very busy in the store and there is no one to point out what is going on with the cheese-making so we watched for a bit and moved on. We came on back to Elkhart and I ran a couple of errands for a few things I needed and we came on back home.

Of course we have been monitoring the temperatures back in Texas and are happy to hear that the heat wave has broken, at least for a few days, but now we are concerned with the wildfires that are burning in several areas, some near Spring where we will be returning to soon. We will continue to follow the reports and wish everyone well that is affected by the fires.

We only have one more full day here and must say that we have enjoyed our relaxing time. We are still unsure of whether we are going to get the hydraulic leveling system, but if we do, can't wait to show it off to everyone soon.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Jay, if anyone is standing around when we "level" they are all curious as to what is going on. Haven't met anyone yet who didn't say "wow." Just push a button and your trailer is level with no effort. No boards, no orange squares, etc. Nice!