Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday September 29, 2011-Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

Its good to be back in Texas, but man, is it hot! Its supposed to cool off tomorrow, so we'll see how that works out. We've been teased before by the weather.

Stella wanted to wash the sheets on the bed and decided to go ahead and wash the clothes today, so I took her to the washateria that is only a short distance from us. We have been very impressed with this place so far, and I'm sure we'll have a great time when the rally-goers arrive.

Speaking of arrivals, Jim and Sheila Gratz came by a little before noon to tell me that they had arrived. They have been coming to our rallies from the very beginning, and it was good to see them again. They had decided to go over to the First Monday sale area but I told them that I didn't think we'd be over there today. Not long after they arrived, Mike and Patrice Fogarty arrived in the brand new Landmark trailer. They had just picked it up last weekend from the dealership that is just down the road. What a surprise!

We hung out with Mike and Patrice for the rest of the afternoon, and since today was Mike's birthday (Happy Birthday buddy!) he got to choose where we went to eat supper. He took us to Papadale's Grill where we had a very good meal. We returned to their new trailer and chatted with them for awhile before turning in for the night. It's good to be back with our good friends that we have many good memories with.

More of our good friends will be here for this weekend, so the fun is just beginning.

So long.

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Melissa said...

More importantly though, you get to see ME! And Ian! (and Jen & Jay, lol)