Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday September 28, 2011-Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

Our first day at this park was very peaceful and calm. We stayed home all day because it was soooo hot outside, we didn't feel like getting out to do anything. At one point in the afternoon the thermometer went to 111!!! We have been out of state all summer and are not accustomed to this kind of heat, and there was nothing pressing that we had to do, so we stayed in.

We could not believe the drought damage that we saw as we came here. There were many dry ponds and cattle tanks that we saw and a lake that normally comes to the edge of the highway was about a quarter mile away due to the lack of water. I'm pretty sure that we'll see plenty more damage when we travel further south. This is not to mention the terrible fires that have ravaged the state.

Our friends will start arriving tomorrow, so there should be more to talk about then.

So long.

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