Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday September 27, 2011-Moving day-Sunrise RV Park to Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

We woke this morning, knowing that we will be back in Texas this morning. We decided to eat breakfast at the nearby Flying J truck stop, hoping that they had a good breakfast sandwich shop inside, but it was not to be. Again, we were in no big hurry to leave this morning, so after the short tear down we were on our way. The Flying J was a disappointment, with only a Denny's sit down restaurant, so we just picked up some of their ready-made sandwiches and were on our way about 9:30.

About ten minutes later we were BACK IN TEXAS!!!

This was the longest either of us has been out of state, and it is good to be back "home". We made good time down the highway and only made one brief comfort stop. I did try to find a truck/trailer wash that I had seen on a billboard but it was somewhere off the road and we didn't take the time or the trouble to find it and we continued on. Maybe I can wash the truck and trailer after we get to the park. I forgot about the water rationing that was going on because of the extreme drought.

We got all checked in and processed and while setting up, Wendy Matthews, the rally coordinator for the park, dropped by to say hello. It was nice to finally meet her after talking to her so many times on the telephone to set up this rally. She invited us up to her office in the Grand Ballroom and when we got there, we were blown away with the beauty of this facility. They really have their act together here!

When we got through in the ballroom, we took a ride to look at the outdoor pavilion and have decided that this is where we will spend much of our time with the rally here. We came on back home and since we were tired from several days of traveling, we just stayed inside and relaxed. It was really too hot outside to do much else. Welcome back to Texas. Its supposed to cool off for the weekend and hopefully next week as well.

I got on the computer and let everyone know that we have arrived. We have some friends that will be in for this weekend's First Monday fun, so I hope I will be able to keep up. Wish me luck1

So long.

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Barbara said...

They were so nice to me when I stayed there. They gave me a tour of the park on one of their golf carts. Really a nice place to stay!