Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday March 2, 2014-Montgomery KOA

I'll start out today's post by showing you our site in Montgomery. As you can see, the sites are not too level, although the portion of the site where the trailer sits is relatively level, the approach has a slight curb and then an incline into the site, so it's not too bad. I'm still not too impressed with this place any more but that's another story.

And to think that we went from a pretty level site with lots of trees at Inks Lake! 

Friday we had to make a trip down to Texas City to work on our storage unit to get it cleaned out. We began our trip with good intentions of getting some errands run while down here; going by the Manvel Police Dept. to have a chat with their new Chief of Police to find out what I will have to do to re-certify with my handgun to satisfy the requirements for the federal law and to go meet the old Chief, Ralph Garcia, who now works for AT&T to get a new I Phone for me. We had already made arrangements to meet our friends Tommy and Susan for lunch at the Top Water Grill in San Leon, one of our favorite seafood restaurants, so in an attempt to save some time, I decided to leave here and travel over to state hwy. 6 to go to Manvel. Bad Mistake... Lots of traffic and having to drive through several big cities threw us way late and we had to call Tommy and Susan to postpone our lunch. I also called Ralph and learned that he would be in his store and able to help me out.

After a great lunch with our friends and catching up on each others lives, we again took off for our errands. Since Ralph's store was on the way to Manvel, we stopped there first. Of course, when we stopped, Ralph had just left for lunch, so we had to come back. We went over to Manvel but when we got there, the Chief had left for the day, 3:30 on Friday afternoon! Just sayin'...

We went back to Ralph's store and he had returned from lunch but was very busy with other customers. After a long wait, I was sad to learn that they have changed their policy of trading phones and I must do it online. Dang, two wasted trips! Any, I now know what I need to do to get a new phone.

We got to Kim's house with no problem and got all settled in. We got to meet Tyler's girlfriend Loren before they went out. We also met Loren's parents, Joy and Danny,and were invited to meet them later tonight at Louis's Bait Camp in Hitchcock where there is a bar/restaurant. They do karaoke and have a good time. Kim took Cameron to baseball practice, which lasted until 9 o'clock, so I told Kim that we probably wouldn't make it out to meet Joy and Danny. We just hung out, and when Kim got back home, she and Cam were going to meet them, so I changed my mind and off we went! 

Let me tell you, that was the first time in a looooong time since we've gone out to a bar, probably the only time since we've been married, and that's been forever! This is a family-type bar with lots of people that are just having a good time. I sang a couple of songs and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone had a very good time but I didn't like all the cigarette smoke. Cameron had a good time playing pool and Tyler and Loren had a good time being together. Joy and Danny know everyone that works there, so there was no chance of any of the kids getting into trouble and getting the wrong thing to drink. We all had a great time and will probably go back when we can.

Saturday morning, we woke early to get started working on the storage unit. Both Tyler and Cameron had said they wanted to go eat breakfast and would help us with moving stuff, so we took them to the IHOP restaurant for breakfast. We all had a good meal and were soon at work. We got about half of the "stuff" moved, working until about 3 o'clock before knocking off. 

Tyler went to a performance by the drill team that Loren is a member of, so we were pretty much on our own Saturday night. I conked out in one of the recliners pretty early, especially since we had been up late the night before. 

PePaw knocked out in a recliner with one of Cameron's blanket covering.

I must have looked cold and Kim covered me with Cam's blanket. It's actually a good picture of him on a small blanket. 

Sunday morning, we woke pretty early and found out that winter will be arriving later today, with rain and possible sleet soon to follow. We packed up and left pretty early to try to beat the weather. We made good time, even though traffic was pretty bad from people leaving Mardi Gras weekend in Galveston. I watched a little TV and drank a cup of coffee-Kim doesn't have a coffee pot- and packed up my computer to go to the office to catch up on my computer work. It was so good to be home! My own chair, a coffee pot, the dogs are happy to be back in the trailer, and it's my HOME!! I love visiting my family, but we normally take our home along and it works better that way...

The news I told you about a couple of days ago was announced while we were gone. The HOC Central Region has been split and we are now the directors of the South Central Region and our good friends, Dan and Karen Halvorsen are the North Central Region directors. Maybe that wasn't such a big deal to some, but it will ease our life a lot. We will have a much smaller area now and will free us up a lot! We're looking forward to working with Dan and Karen!

When I left home the temps were in the 60's and I wore the same shorts and tee shirt that I wore on the drive home. When I left the office to come home, it was raining and cold again. Winter is Back!!! and I don't like it.

So long.

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