Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday June 3, 2014-Dixie Cavern RV Park

Today is our last full day here and we have really enjoyed some down time. This place is very quiet and off the beaten path, although there is a huge turnover of folks coming and going here.  The wifi has been outstanding in this park and I have certainly taken advantage of it. Except for writing more on this blog...

Our friends and traveling companions, Dave and Nancy returned last Thursday and we have dined out with them a few times. Dave played golf one day and I went and capped some Munzees, so we both have been able to take care of our own interests and pastimes.

Dave and Nancy grilled burgers for us one evening and Stella made a big breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs, so we haven't been eating out every meal! 

We went for a drive up into the country and saw some pretty scenery but it's just my opinion, but the mountains here are, while pretty in their own green way, they are nothing like the Rocky mountains or the Bighorns in Wyoming. I'm sure that we'll return to the Appalachians some day and will enjoy our stay, but truly they're not our favorite.

We have not really met anyone here but have had some nice chats with folks that are staying here. While Stella and Nancy did the laundry, I sat in the truck and struck up a conversation with a couple that are also staying here. I talked to another Heartland owner named Mack who is from Idaho and just recently bought their Bighorn trailer. He and his wife just sold their farm and are exploring the country. We had a very nice chat about comparing some of the places that we've been. They are going through an exciting time and I wish them well. 

We will be leaving here tomorrow for College Park Maryland, which is near Washington D.C. so I'll surely have some fine photos to share soon.

So long.

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