Friday, January 15, 2016

Saturday January 15, 2016-Cottonwood RV Park

It has warmed up considerably but it's still cool in the early morning. Today it was about 55 this morning and warmed up to about 85 in the afternoon. Now this is more like the valley we came to visit.

We had a veterinarian appointment for Tramp at the same office that we took him and Cassie to last year. In fact, it's the same office that we took Tramp to when we got him in 2010. Today was a routine checkup and to have his shots brought up to date. We also wanted to have his toenails trimmed by the professionals. He can be a handful when you try to do things to him that he doesn't want you to do and today was no exception. Stella said she heard him growling and barking when they took him into the other room and knows he probably tried to bite someone. At any rate, they did everything and he seems to be okay but stressed out.

We brought him home and rested for a bit and decided to go to the RV show in Mercedes at the fairground. This is a very small show so it didn't take long to see everything we wanted to see. 

We decided to go to Martha's Taqueira Del Sol in Donna. This has been one of our favorite restaurants in the Valley for several years and it has only improved with age. Martha now has a couple of grandkids but she still does a great job with the restaurant. 

Another great day in the Rio Grande Valley.

So long.

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Tom & Judy's Adventures said...

Yep love Martha's and will be there in April. Got to go to Mx for some dental work (Judy)and meds. Staying at Victoria Palms again.