Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tuesday January 12, 2016-Cottonwood RV Park

Going back to catch up, on Sunday we went to the Don-Wes Flea Market to look around. We also went to the fruit market across the street where we bought fruits and vegetables and then went out to eat a late lunch with Dave and Nancy. We drove down to Martha's in Donna but it was closed and ended up at a place called Rosy's here in Mission. We have eaten here before when it was called Tio Chuy's and man, what a change they have made! It went from a family-owned and run Tex-Mex restaurant to a full-on Mexican cafe with all menu's in Spanish and only Spanish spoken. The waitress apparently didn't speak English, so we had to decipher our orders and ended up with passable meals that gave Stella and me indigestion. It tasted okay but we won't be going back here.

Ted and Donna came by soon after we got home and we had a nice visit with them, getting caught  up with our good friends and made plans to attend a concert next week with them. 

On Monday we went over to Bert Ogden Chevrolet, where they also have an RV service area. I had called them to inquire about doing some repairs on our trailer, but had not been able to get in touch with the man who could help. He was again out, so e just gave up and went to the Ron Hoover RV store in Donna to check on our upcoming dealer open house. We met with Dustin Hoover and everything is on track for it. While there I spoke with their service manager and found a trailer supply store in McAllen to buy the parts needed to make the repairs on the trailer. We went there and found out what information I would need to get to make the purchase.

Today we went with Flora, Corbin and Nancy to a new flea market that is out here. It is way different than the one at Donna, with more stuff and much more junk but really more interesting. This place caters more to the Mexicans than Winter Texans but we liked it. We bought some odds and ends like charging cords for my phone and the I Pad, a cheap case for my phone and some avocados that will go well for a supper. 

We had a quick lunch at a nearby Dairy Queen before returning home. I got Dave to ride over to the Camco Trailer Supply store to buy the parts for our trailer. Dave has offered to do the labor to make our repairs so now we are ready to go. We will do the work later in the week. Again, it's nice to have good friends...

So long.

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