Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday January 14, 2016-Cottonwood RV Park

We didn't do enough yesterday to make a report on. It was cold and cloudy all day. I thought we were coming to the Valley for the warm weather. It hasn't been warm at all, although we had a couple of decent days, nothing outstanding.

Dave had some errands to run and we went with him and Nancy. The only thing we did that was constructive was stop by one of the convenience stores in the neighborhood and bought some Powerball tickets. Gotta take some chances on winning that 1.5 Billion dollars. 

We had made plans to go over to Mexico this morning, so we were up and moving and left about 10AM. The drive over was uneventful, freeway most of the way. The price to go into Mexico is .50, up from .35 last year but the price to get back into the Estados Unidos is still .25. Somehow it doesn't seem right... Stella and I got pedicures but Dave and Nancy wouldn't get one. I tog hooked on them a couple of years ago and have been going back every time we come to Mexico. They make my feet feel so good and they have a medical reason too. I am diabetic and need to keep an eye on my toes to prevent ingrown toenails, so what better way than to have a professional do the maintenance on them.

We bought some medicines there and saved a LOT of money. I won't go into detail but it's worth it. We also bought some vanilla for us and others. It is also very cheap down here. And before you chastise me about buying medicine in Mexico, we have been buying different products here for several years and have had no problems. And hundreds of thousand other old folks also take advantage of their prices with no effects either, so there!

As an update, of course we didn't win the Powerball money. You would have heard me hollering if I'd won. That thing is rigged!

And for the record, I was going to buy you something nice if I'd won...

So long.


Mike Mills said...

Hi, Jay! Good post and entertaining, as usual. We are going to be in the RGV in late January/early February. We want to look at some possible winter hideouts, so we may try to look you up. Are you and Stella there for the rest of the winter?

Jay Coffman said...

Hi Mike, yes we will be here until Feb. 7th. We'll be glad to see you.