Sunday, March 13, 2016

Friday March 11, 2016-Old Cotton Gin RV Park

Today we went over to Quanah to visit the City/County Historical Museum. This place is full of artifacts from all over the area, and is very interesting.

This is a photo of the old railroad depot and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of it's type in Texas.

Quanah Parker, leader of the Comanche Indians, for whom the town is named.

One of Quanah Parker's fancy headdresses.

A 48 star flag.

Did you know that Texas has this many species' of pecans? Me neither.

Don't try to go over this bridge. It's only 7'7" tall!

I believe this cell was used to house "tenders" or inmates who oversaw or tended to the other prisoners.

This appears to be a gunshot or possibly a shotgun through one of the walls of one of the cells. 

An old building next to the railroad depot. You don't see too many signs painted on the side of buildings any more.

I was told that the old brick streets date back to sometime in the 1920's when the Works Progress Administration put people to work under the American New Deal agency.

So long.

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