Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday March 8, 2016-Moving Day-Texan RV Ranch to Old Cotton Gin RV Park, Quanah TX

Today began badly. We had rain all night long but in the morning, it only got worse with thunder and lightning and heavy rains. A severe storm had come through, dumping large amounts of rain and at one point we were under a tornado watch/warning, although we didn't know it at the time. When we travel and stay someplace overnight, I don't change the local television channels because it is difficult to get the changes made by Dish Network-more on that later...

We were up early but out off going outside because of the rain, but I finally decided to brave the downpour and git 'er dun! Since I was delayed, Stella got most of her work done and when I went out, she was way ahead in getting things ready to go. I couldn't let that happen, so in less than 30 minutes I was ready to go! Of course, all I had to do was roll up the water hose, raise the jacks and disconnect and stow the satellite dish, but I was ready! I was cold and wet because it had started to rain hard again, to the point that when we pulled out I couldn't see the street to turn on and drove to the other end of the park to leave. NO, I didn't get lost in an RV park, but it did take a few seconds longer to get out the gate.

It continued to rain all the way through Fort Worth, thru some construction areas, making the drive slow and careful. We made decent time and the rain finally slacked off but we were way out of town and on the open highway, so speeds came back up and we made an easy drive of the rest of the way.

We were almost here when we passed a rest area and I saw our old friend Bob Curry (TX Bobcat). I honked at him and he waved and we proceeded on. He was also coming to this rally and by the time we got into Quanah, Bob had caught up with us, so we went into the park together. 

We got set up without any problems and soon discovered that this place is very cool! We knew that the park was originally an actual cotton gin and while walking around checking things out, there is the old cotton gin and other equipment in the "rally hall" where cotton was stored many years ago. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and show you around.

So long.

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Bsummit said...

Well it sounds like you had wonderful morning. We're getting that rain that you had. It's suppose to rain here at the house up to 11 inches. We're getting things ready to go to Mountain View Monday. We've got a bunch loaded but still got a bunch to go. We will have to lode the rest in the rain. Not suppose to end until Sunday. See ya in Branson!