Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday March 5, 2016-Palms RV Park

This is our last full week here and we tried to make the most of it. We met with friends and took care of last minute doctors appointments because we leave on the rally trail on Monday. We were busy all week and got a lot accomplished.

We got the truck checked out at a shop in Spring that we've used before and trust. We were especially interested in the truck brakes. We were glad to hear that everything seems to be fine and ready to go on our trip. We went by Rayford Crossing and had a last visit with Tommy and Susan.

We went to the doctor and got some new medications but otherwise, it was a routine checkup. They drew blood from me and we are waiting on the results of that. 

Friday I spent doing my spring cleaning of the underbelly and eliminating unnecessary items. I took lots of stuff out of the storage are and took it to Kim's house where I have stuff stored in her barn. Stella cleaned up the inside of the trailer and got rid of lots of leftovers in the fridge. It's amazing how much we accumulate since there's only two of us but many times we get a "doggie bag" at a restaurant and it goes uneaten, and so out it goes! We went to Wal Mart to pick up prescriptions but someone at the doctor's office had left off some of the vital numbers so of course, the sale would not go through. We later met Mike and Patrice along with Everett and Fay at the Grand Buffet in League City. It was a good meal and some wonderful memories with our friends.

Today I cleaned the truck. Well, actually my neighbor is a guy that seems down on his luck, so I paid him to wash and wax the trailer and wash the truck for me. I did help him when he had to get on the ladder to wax the front of the trailer. He will wash the truck tomorrow, We went BACK to Wal Mart to pick up the prescriptions but today the computer went down, so we still haven't gotten what we need. It seems like a huge hassle to pick up some test strips and other testing materials, but it will save us a lot of money. Just a big hassle!

We began filling the fuel tanks of the truck and will finish tomorrow when we finish running around. I hope tomorrow goes better than today.

So long.

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