Friday, March 18, 2016

Tuesday March 15, 2016-Moving Day-Fernwood RV Park to Cajun Palms RV Resort, Henderson Louisiana

We were up pretty early this morning, checking television, Internet, neighbors and anyone else that could advise us about the roads to Henderson Louisiana. With all the flooding in the area, we were trying to make a decision about how to get to our next destination. We decided to go the way we had planned, east on I-20 and then turn south on I-49 in Shreveport Louisiana. We read reports of high water both on the highways and on side roads, but we figured it was worth it to try it. Our neighbors are from a little town nearby and were forced out by the floods and they said that we should be okay if we stay on the freeway.

We took off a little after 9 o'clock and made very good time, with light traffic and clear, warm weather. We made one pit stop, just as we entered Louisiana and continued on. If you've heard bad reports about Louisiana roads, Interstate 49 is the exception. The road is smooth with good shoulders and light traffic. The only downside is that there is NOTHING on the road for fuel, comfort or food. Don't start this trip without sufficient fuel and snacks or sandwiches to drive over 200 miles. Of course, four exits were closed due to high water, and there was likely something down one of those roads. When we turned onto I-10, the roads were typical Louisiana roads, bumpy with huge dips. 

We got here to Cajun Palms about 3 PM and were soon set up. The site we were assigned is very short, and our 39' Landmark barely fit. We were unable to park beside it either, and had to use an adjacent site - with permission- until the weekend. If they use this site, we will have to move the truck. We'll see what happens.

We are looking forward to the rally.

So long.

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