Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday March 21, 2016-Moving Day-Cajun Palms Resort to Center RV Park, Center TX

Well, it's time to move again but this time it's not too far to our next destination. We've got a couple of weeks between rallies and decided ti visit my Aunt Janie in Center. Other than my kids, she is my last relative, so I try to stay in touch with her as much as I can.

We were up early, as usual for a moving day, but it was cold again and we decided to take our time getting out since we only have a couple hundred miles. Sure enough, we pulled out about 10 but as we were pulling out, I got a telephone call from Bobcat, telling me to beware of a huge traffic backup on I-10 due to some road construction. Traffic was stop and go and we lost about 40 minutes but when we cleared the work zone, we picked up the pace and never slowed again. We did make an early pit stop at the only rest stop on I-49 but didn't stop again.

There was still a lot of water beside the highway but it was lower than the other day when we went to Henderson for the rally. There was no water up near the road and none of the cross roads were covered with water and all exits were open today. We made good time and pulled in here at the Center RV Park about 2. In no time at all we were set up and cooling off. I guess we've got this procedure worked out after 8 years. 

I tried to call Janie to let her know we had made it but could not get phone service, which we are very aware of. This is not only in this park but all of Center. Janie said that she has spotty service, even at home. Here, inside the trailer, I can't call out from my chair but if I stretch out in the recliner and open the blinds behind me, it works better. Not all the time, but that's my best chance. If I go outside around this site, no service but I can walk out into another empty site and will get one or two bars. Crazy!

We went over to Janie's house for supper and a nice visit and stayed over there until about 9PM. Tramp was certainly glad to see us and it didn't take me long to get sleepy and hit the bed. I was tired from the drive, and didn't get a nap, so beddy-bye came early. We're looking forward to some quality time with Janie in the next few days.

So long.

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