Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tuesday March 29, 2016-Moving Day-Center RV Park to Oak Creek RV Resort

We were up on time to start packing up to pull out this morning, but took our time in getting started. With only 253 miles to go, we were in no hurry. We even ate breakfast before beginning. Everything went very well and we pulled out at 10:05AM, or right about on time. 

Everything was working well until we got to the Carthage area and the GPS unit lost its mind and sent us the wrong way on the highway. It wasn't my fault! I promise. We only went out of the way for a few miles, taking about 20 minutes but Stella and her trusty map book pulled it out and we were soon on he toll road around Tyler. We had to make an unscheduled pit stop but otherwise it was uneventful trip to I-20, where we remained for the rest of the trip.

The only other event of the trip was an older Hitchhiker trailer being pulled with a wrecker, with damage to the left rear fender, apparently from  blowout, but the biggest issue was the bedroom slide was out! I can only imagine the white knuckle driving with a few feet of slide out extended. The wrecker driver did a good job, straddling two lanes, so no one would hit the slide as they passed. We ran with him for about 10 miles before he turned off. You can see a picture of the rig on Facebook. I still cannot download pictures from my phone onto the computer. 

We got here about 3 and were soon set up and out visiting our friends that are already here. Mike and Peg prepared some more of their delicious jalapeno poppers in their Kreigar cooker. As always, they were great and we all enjoyed them. Gotta love food friends and good food.

So long.

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